My road blocks and break throughs to becoming a happy reader.


A Cop Pulled Over My Captain & other adventures in small town Kansas

I was co-piloting a Cessna Caravan to its new owner, and had to lay over in a small Kansas town.

About the Author

The pilot behind dark fantasy fiction & bright nonfiction here on Medium

Image by Erik Ballew

Author’s reflection on her first Amazon self-published fantasy, ‘The Monster in her Garden’

Illustration from “The Monster in Her Garden” by Savanna Rain Uland. Image: Sara Heisley

Pilots’ perspectives on rumbles — serious and silly

Image by Author

“In the midst of turbulence, we hang onto hope.” — Laily Gifty Akita

A novel’s synopsis — dark fantasy, sword & sorcery, magic and religion

Image by Sergey Yakovlev / Alamy Stock Photo

“The Immigrant God”


“What the heck are they packing?” — One reader/writer’s inspiring, handy answers.

Madrid Public Transit with a stuffed backpack. Image by Author.

“… Have you pen and ink, Master Doctor?” “A scholar is never without them, your Majesty,” answered Doctor Cornelius. — The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

9 reasons I found in America to believe in domestic travel

Cypress Gardens, South Carolina (Image by Author)

Your country can satisfy a foreigner’s wanderlust. Why not yours?

Image by Cynthia Corsetti

4 crucial, practical ways to handle feeling offended

How to get movie-star benefits from voice coaching without hiring the coach

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Your looks, your smell, your sound: We talk a lot about the first, and a little about the second. It’s time we talked about beautifying how we speak.

Your everyday tone is part of your long-term success.

Savanna Rain Uland

Author. Pilot. Video maker.

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