A woman and her Harley in Colorado

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For six hours, I rode into the Rocky Mountains and back. I learned a lot about the machine. I felt like I got to know Dreamcatcher — my black Harley Street 750 — a lot better.

I’m not as good at curves as I thought. Leaning down low like my bike was a crotch rocket was as fun as I thought.

A number of times, I reminded myself the bike is powerful but that it also wants to serve. All I have to do is communicate with it. To communicate, you use your body. A lean, a flip of the…

9 reasons I found in America to believe in domestic travel

Cypress Gardens, South Carolina (Image by Author)

Your country can satisfy a foreigner’s wanderlust. Why not yours?

Every time you leave your country, you learn more about the nation from which you came. But every time you travel within your country, you learn more about what you don’t know.

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Domestic travel, especially in the American South, changed me. By the end of this story, I hope you’ll be inspired to give the areas of your homeland a try, too.

My aunt once said the South was her favorite place to travel. When I was little, I could not understand…

My road blocks and break throughs to becoming a happy reader.

You’re not alone if you wish to get into reading. I don’t know how long it will take you, but it took me about a year and a half. At first, it was halting. Then, I blazed my way out of mental and emotional barriers (using techniques I’ll tell you about in a second).

I hear the desire to read more in random conversation. I see it while scrolling through fellow #bookstagram followers’ posts. I and others have nostalgia for books. I think we hold an idealized version of our younger selves as voracious readers, too, which is fun.


About the Author

The pilot behind dark fantasy fiction & bright nonfiction here on Medium

Image by Erik Ballew

Ms. Uland lives in Denver, Colorado, but boomerangs around several continents as a pilot. Her travels in this world inspire and inform her stories, but her work is also inspired by roots in pure fantasy. She grew up like so many halfway inside The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and many other wonder-worlds.

Sometime after studying Creative Writing at the University of Denver; working with coaches, photographers and make-up artists in art modeling; four years of business writing for a financial firm; two motorcycles; and a year as a flight attendant, she has come back to her roots at last…

Astute first-time yoga tips — yoga can be worth it, hot or not.

Photo by Rawan Yasser on Unsplash

“Stress kills more people than Covid.” — Anonymous

A friend of mine texted me that in 2020. It’s a good reminder to chill out for your health! Perhaps one of the best ways to chill is through hot yoga classes.

In this story:

  • What is a hot yoga class like?
  • tips for enjoying hot yoga or any yoga class
  • Weird anecdotal effects — and scientific one

Would you like to sample South America from Bogota to Medellin? See videos for vicarious adventures

Somewhere in the Central Andes. Image by Author

Come with me on city tours in Bogota & ecotours around Medellin! We’ll ride the highest zipline in Colombia, drink coffee, and enjoy art — from graffiti to Botero

In this story:

  • Video of riding Colombia’s highest zipline (16 seconds)
  • Insight into Botero’s art
  • Video of El Poblado in the rain (Medellin’s famous coffee neighborhood)
  • Bogota’s world-famous graffiti — photos, & how it involves Justin Bieber

As a child, my daydreams turned most to the lands of the Arabian Nights stories. But after reading “The Reptile Room” by Lemony Snicket in middle school, I began to conceive of the existence…

Short Science Fiction — Reincarnation Theme. By Savanna Rain Uland

Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

It’s the narrator’s first turn at the time machine she and her siblings’ purchase. She goes and meets with her last incarnation in Civil War-era America.

The time came in my sixties that I finally saved up enough to buy a time travel machine in cahoots with my brothers and sister. We had to go in on it together. My eldest brother proposed it first, but when I finally got some wealth, I seconded it. The others joined in from there.

All of us were born before the turn of the century, in the 1990s. In my twenties, long ago…

My personal presentation got culture-shocked from Plain Jane to Jessica Rabbit during training.

Image by Author

I got a job as a flight attendant once, and I know culture shock. But not from the destinations.

culture shock:

the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.

Shocking Beauty Standards

“I haven’t felt this uncool since the fifth grade,” I spoke into my cell phone. I was 25, lying on the floor in a deserted hotel conference room. Night was settled snugly over Houston.

Deserted conference rooms at the witching hour were the rare place for privacy during flight attendant training. You live with an assigned roommate…


Love is a cleansing fire, but the Bay City gave me faith

Street lamp in San Francisco. Image by Author

I once stood on a street in San Francisco and felt for the first time that a person really could have a new start. At the time, I had taken a long hiatus from travel, even though travel is the dream I was born with. When I was ready to travel again, I went to San Francisco.

That day, the fog caught light like microscopic pearls. It illuminated the red awnings and the yellow shirt of someone walking into a shop down the street. There was sun and a breeze; it all felt cold and warm at once.

At that…

Fantasy set in old-time Pennsylvanian woods — and a barn

Photo by Mikael Seegen on Unsplash

How a young man’s imaginary best friend from childhood appears in an enchanted Pennsylvanian barn

This is a first-draft fruit of an exercise. That exercise? To write first drafts more! I wrote this for a competition on Vocal, and am having fun sharing it here now. Don’t take it too seriously… I don’t! But if you love some aspect of it, tell me in the comments, of course!

My serious fiction is that which goes through much planning, revising, peer editing, and proofing. Check out this “serious stuff” on my website. …

Savanna Rain Uland

Author. Pilot. Video maker.

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